Seaside Semper Five

What a true honor it was for Enfuse to support and participate in the Seaside Semper Five! At first you think, sure, we’ll run in a 5k, what’s the big deal? Who can’t run 3.1 miles and live to tell about it. But after being at this race and running in it, what a different perspective you gain! “Helping those who have sacrificed the most” is a true understatement. The Marines have sacrificed not just time away from families and holidays missed, but their lives. I ran up during the race behind a Mom who was running for her fallen son and she had his picture on her shirt. That gave me some perspective as to why I was there. This wasn’t just a 5k race, it was much more than that. This was to raise money for these soldiers that HAVE sacrificed the MOST. While running you heard the “Oorah’s” being exchanged which is the Marine’s battle cry of enthusiasm. I once stopped running to walk and just get a 30 second breather and this man next to me said, “don’t stop, we’re almost there!” There was a real spirit of camaraderie that us civilians could just never understand. We were able to catch of glimpse of this at the race.

Doesn’t that always happen in life? You start out thinking something is mostly about you? (or does that just happen to me?) In the end you realize it’s not about you at all. While running you realize the only reason you can run on the boardwalk on a Saturday morning while the salty ocean breeze is blowing is because of the men and women serving here and abroad for my safety and freedom. If you haven’t checked out the MARSOC website yet, we suggest you do. You can start out here where you can check out the memorial wall they have dedicated to the fallen soldiers.

Of course, our Enfuse team did a great job! We’re looking forward to our next race, not just because we want to be better athletes and faster runners, but also because we are dedicated to helping out great causes.

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